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What cushion Insert is best? Feather or Fibre?

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Believe it or not the type of cushion inner can make a big difference to not only the aesthetic but also your comfort levels.

Before delving further in this oh so important topic, you need to ask yourself the question:

What will the cushions be used for? Will they be decorative or functional?

Once you know the answer, it’s really a choose your own adventure. If you love unwinding in the plethora of cushions on your couch and use them for back and neck support, the best option would be something more durable and not as easily manipulated like the Polyester fibre. Polyester cushion inserts offer more back support and do a fab job of keeping cushions full and upright.

The other big plus is this insert is a non-allergenic and odourless material, which is a big tick from me. When working on styling homes a lot of clients do opt for the lightweight, easy to wash option which also retains its shape. Great for busy spaces like living areas and kids’ rooms. So, if this sounds like your kinda thing then the polyester fibre inserts are for you.

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On the flip side, if you love the feeling of sinking into feather and don’t mind fluffing your cushions then this is the option that will suit you best. Usually, a favourite with our stylists and designers, using feather inserts provides that soft lived-in look.

In order to have feather inserts you need to stay committed and by that, I mean regularly fluffing your cushions, so they don’t become flat.

You often hear about the Karate Chop and no that’s this doesn’t mean you will see me in my “Gi” (karate uniform) violently chopping cushions but is rather placing a dent on the top of your cushion with your hand giving you that “V” shape on top.

Another reason to apply the chop karate chop technique on your feather cushions is to make them plumper as the feather will flatten once you lean on them.

There are pros and cons to both options but hopefully you have all the info you need to decide on what will be the best insert for you and ultimately here is no right or wrong answer as we know your style is as complex and intimate as your favourite cocktail order.

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