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The great cushion debate: How many cushions on a bed?

The easiest, cheapest, quickest and most effective way to create a cosy and inviting bedroom is of course with a beautiful cushion arrangement.

Since we are in the business of creating spaces that express your individual needs, style and personality we have noticed that there are two types of people out there: those who don’t like any cushions at all and those who could be bordering a cushion addiction.

If you’re of the latter and your cushion collection is mysteriously growing then let’s talk about the great cushion debate: how many cushions on a bed, is there a right amount of cushions for certain bed sizes and what is too many?

As you can see from some recently styled projects, we fit in the “more is more” category.

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9 512 Scaled

We often like our decorative cushions to be the heroes of the bedroom, so we have our sleeping pillows laid out flat giving the focus to what’s in front being the plethora of cushions.

We start off with two European cushions at the back, followed by two Jumbo cushions and to finish the look one tube cushion.

There are 5 decorative cushions displayed on a Queen size bed.

In this example we have opted to showcase the sleeping pillows as they had such a stunning texture and complimented the cushions perfectly.

We took a more formal approach having an even number of 6 decorative cushions on the Queen-sized bed.

I am not sure if I game enough to go more than 7 decorative cushions, but you can always try me.

We wanted the middle row of cushions to stand out so we made sure that the European cushions were a lighter shade to allow for the textures and colours of the remaining cushions to shine through.

9 616 Scaled

If you’re styling a Single size bed, we recommend using 1 Jumbo and 1 tube cushion or alternatively 2 tube cushions. If you think you may need to add one more, then the last combo we would suggest would be 2 jumbos and 1 tube.

A King size bed is not for the faint hearted, one must commit to a bed full of cushions and of course there are varying combinations that can be applied from the images above, the only change I would make is adding a third European cushion to fill the gaps and make sure the arrangement feels full. We don’t want our cushion arrangement to look cheap and unfinished.

So, if you're still wandering, how many is too? This will all depend on how much time you want to spend each day positioning and removing your beautiful cushion arrangement and let’s be honest here this needs to be built in your daily routine. Considerations also need to be made on your personal style, the size of your bed and bed head.

Good luck friends, if you need a hand, we are only a phone call away.

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