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10 easy steps to become a cushion filling & fluffing expert


Put your hands up if you think you have a “sad” looking Sofa? A lot of those sad Sofas have been let down by saggy, flat and very unappealing cushions.I often get lots of Mum’s coming my way to say that their kids have demolished their cushions, as they usually have them laid out on the floor in some sort of play arrangement.

If your'e anything like me, wishing that our living areas and bedrooms were a constant display home doesn’t actually end up in perfectly styled sofas and untouched bed cushions.

So, I thought I’d share a simple and easy to follow step by step process to fill your cushions if you have just purchased new covers or alternatively have washed your cushion covers for the first time and now need to fill your cushions with your inner.

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  • Unzip your cushion cover open
  • Grab a corner of your insert and gently push it into one side of the cushion corner
  • Then grab the remaining cushion corner and ease it the opposite corner
  • It may feel like you’re wrestling with a cushion, but this step is crucial. There will be some remaining insert that will be outside of the cushion cover, grab the bottom of the insert and gently manoeuvre it to be placed inside the cushion cover.
  • Please note that cushions are delicate things, and we don’t want to force the insert in so be gradual and gentle
  • Next you need to re-adjust the top two corners of the inner and make sure they have been firmly pushed into the cushion cover
  • The same needs to be done for the bottom two corners of the cushion cover
  • Once you feel that all corners of the insert have been evenly pressed into the corners you can then plump the cushion inside the cover to avoid the insert being twisted.
  • Now that your plump insert has been placed inside your cover, your wrestling match is almost over. Gently press together the corner of the cushion with one hand and using the other hand start to pull the zip until the cover is closed. Slow and steady wins the race here so don’t force the zip as it can get stuck in the seams.
  • Lastly, observe your cushion to see if it’s nice and plump. Squeeze the sides, top and bottom of your cushion to make sure it’s looking plush and comfortable.

Voila! You’re a now an expert on how to get this job done so what are you waiting for? Your cushions are waiting, so get filling and fluffing.

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