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How to use Art to inspire your cushion selection

Here’s a big tip: If you are stuck on where to start with your cushion selections, I would highly recommend using Artwork as your place to start. We tend to always begin with the top and work our way down when styling a living area or bedroom. There are two ways that you can go about curating your cushions when working with Art, the first is using an accent colour and the second is using a few colours featured in the art and using those colours in your cushion selection.

If using an accent colour to match your cushions this will then make the same colour pop within the artwork, so be sure that this is the colour you want to stand out within a room. You can then use this solid colour in your styling and mix and match from there adding decorative pieces and other soft furnishings.

If you are wandering if the other option would work or feel too busy then check out the examples of styling jobs that we applied the other technique on each sofa.


A Group Of Peacocks By The Lake

We chose this stunning Art piece from our friends at Gioia for this living area which features a group of peacocks by the lake, an almost oriental style of painting.

Featuring lots of lush greenery with hints of turquoise and aqua meant that I really wanted to focus on the Blue tones and pick up on the royal deep blue featured on some of the peacocks.

This led me to partner the deep blue with a lighter, softer sky blue and a neutral textured cushion in the back.

Navy and Burnt Orange Abstract

Several colours were chosen for our cushion selection to coordinate back with the set of two wall art from Gioia.

We chose a deep blue cushion in Jumbo, a terracotta cushion in tube as well as a white and peach to work back with the abstract prints.

The mustard and lighter blue cushions have been added as other colours that would work back with the colour scheme.

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Autumn Forest

In this example we used more of the blue tones that featured in the artwork to blend into the background and chose an accent colour of yellow as our solid colour to stand out.

We wanted the yellow to shine through more than anything so added a yellow cushion to pick up on those tones within the piece.

We love the connection between Art & Cushions and think they are a match made in heaven.

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