It’s time to pull away from the hustle and bustle that came with 2017 and create a space to relax and unwind.



It’s time to pull away from the hustle and bustle that came with 2017 and create a space to relax and unwind. There is something special about finding happiness in community and kinship, it allows us to not only grow but also have faith in one another and look forward in participating long held traditions.

This trend is all about cultural influences, it is a celebration of cultural heritage with a fresh contemporary outlook in the world before us. To achieve this look partner cushions in different tones and use contrasting colours sparingly.

Try mixing the colours in Tangerine or Moss together. These colours should bring you a colourful mish mash of cultural influences to fill your space with warmth and positivity.


If 2017 was a whirlwind, then this next trend highlights life’s simplest pleasures from a familiar cup of tea, to laughter with friends. We want to move away from the fast paced society we live in, have a break from technology and being so readily available. It is about being able to wind down and take it back to basics.  

It is encouraged to make colour and texture the hero pieces in your interior with simple shapes to create a minimalist style. The purpose behind this approach is the appreciation for natural and recycled materials, this trend forces to search for a more authentic self.

Combine cushions in categories Parchment and Smoke for a relaxing scheme. Better still add a Mongolian throw rug for a different texture.


Think outdoors, sun, retro fun, bold patterns and colours. This trend allows you to become a global citizen, whether you are inspired by the landscape of Palm Springs or the hot Brazilian beaches, there is a paradise that awaits.

Nothing feels as good as a holiday and a playful splash of colour will help in just that. This trend will not only help brighten your space but will channel a tropical holiday vibe that will lift your mood and spirits. Try cool mints from our Arctic range mixed with our powdery pinks found in our Blush variety of cushions.


When classic form meets opulent style you achieve an eclectic mix of moody spaces arranged with statement pieces. This trend reflects on what was and what will be. Even though we live in the age of intelligence we are still very much intrigued with the romance of the past. Here we look at and appreciate our design icons of the past.

This trend truly does reflect all eras giving us a hint of 70’s glamour merged with the sassy burst of the 90’s, exuding a time of elegant timelessness. We can also see a revival of the 30’s blended with the bold 60’s to create an eclectic classic look.

For a play with the different eras, combine cushions from our Multi range along with the Blush, Moss and Reef ranges.